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WBJ Field Trip Request Form

  1. Nature Education Program Request Form
    This form is for schools, scouts, or other groups requesting a naturalist-led educational program to take place at Walter B Jacobs Nature Park.
  2. Scheduling Information
  3. For programs taking place at the nature park, you should plan to arrive 15 minutes before your preferred start time.
  4. You may bring up to 4 groups or classes at a time for field trips. A group or class is defined as 15-25 participants. The naturalist-led portion of the field trip lasts approximately 2 hours. (Those bringing 1-2 groups may choose a shortened one-hour field trip if desired.)
  5. Would you like to your field trip to include an additional one hour guided tour of the visitor center exhibits and outdoor animal enclosures?*
  6. Need use of the covered picnic pavilion for lunch or snacks before or after your program?*
  7. Please add details about age range, topics requested, or special needs or accommodations required for your group?
  8. Contact Information
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