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Commission Clerk's Office

  1. Caddo Charter Public Comment

    Charter Comments

  2. Planning & Zoning Public Comments

    Please fill out the comment card below with suggestions, comments, or concerns regarding planning and zoning in the unincorporated... More…

  1. Citizens Comment Card

    Citizens Comment Card

Parks & Recreation Forms

  1. Caddo Parish Clean Parks Concern

    Input from our citizens and visitors is an important part of maintaining our parks. If you see inadequate conditions in any of our... More…

  2. Parks - Ask a Naturalist Form
  3. WBJ Field Trip Request Form
  4. WBJ Outreach Program Request Form
  1. Caddo Parish Park Facility Special Use Request Form

    Request use of a park facility.

  2. WBJ Birthday Party Request Form

    Please complete this form to request a Birthday Party at Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park.

  3. WBJ Outreach Booth Request Form

    Invite Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park to host a booth at your festival or event.

  4. WBJ Program Request Form Launch

Public Works

  1. Adjudicated Property

    Inquire about Adjudicated Property

  2. GIS Map Request

    Map request for Parish GIS

  3. Right-Of-Way Utilization Permit

    Right-of-Way / Road Crossing Permit

  1. Culvert Permit

    Required for the installation of driveway culverts.

  2. Request Elevation Certificate Search

    Request for Elevation Certificate search.

  3. Schedule Appointment

    Schedule Your Appointment