Property Sales

Bid Date
Intent Deadline
   (4:30 PM)
Public Notice
 Pending    (4:30 PM) Public Notice    2019

All public sales are held at the Caddo Parish Public Works Department located at Government Plaza, 505 Travis Street (Suite 820), Shreveport La. 71101. For additional information, please contact Caddo Parish Public Works at 318-226-6930.

Written Offer

The Parish will not accept intent to bid notices by telephone, mail, fax, email, or any other form of electronic submission.  Special forms are required, all intent to bid letters must be filled out at the Parish permits department located at Suite 820, Government Plaza, 505 Travis Street. Only those time stamped before the posted deadline will be accepted. Unless stated otherwise, all letters of intent must be turned in by 4:30 the Friday before the scheduled bid session, no exceptions. Only one Geographical number per letter.

Bid letters received by the approved deadline will allow only one party into the bid session. If yo unable to attend, you must present a notarize letter allowing a third party to bid on your behalf, no exceptions will be granted.