Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Court for Caddo Parish was the second juvenile court established in Louisiana. First implemented in New Orleans in 1908, the juvenile court system empowered a special judge to enforce safeguards for the welfare of children. Subsequently, the Louisiana state legislature passed an act in 1922 which provided for the creation of another juvenile court and a parish detention home for neglected and delinquent children that would be located in Caddo Parish.

In 1924, Earl H. Crane, a former Assistant District Attorney, became the first judge for the Juvenile Court for Caddo Parish. During Judge Crane’s six-year term from 1924 to 1930, the police jury acquired property on Murphy Street where present Annex to City Hall is located.

A brick cottage built on the property provided refuge for dependent and neglected children. A separate building behind the cottage had two additional rooms for the incarceration of children who needed maximum-security detention. However, the Murphy Street Detention Home soon proved unsuitable for maximum-security and the Court moved the juvenile detention to the Caddo Parish Jail.

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