Site Standards


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Content Development Notes

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  • Contact Information: Info Advanced
  • Photo Border: simpleborder
  • Pages: 110 Elements: 550 (complete by 7/13)
  • Project Manager: Dana
  • Senior Content Developer: Heidi
  • Designer: Erin
  • Trainer: Jeff (training starts 8-13)

Site Standards

  • February 4, 2010
  • 1:00 pm
  • Ph: (785) xxx-xxxx
  • Fx: (785) xxx-xxxx
  • Hyperlinks to for-profit entities must be approved
  • Hyperlinks will open in a new window unless the link is to another page on this site
  • Use mailto: links for email addresses, the name of the person will be the link
  • Clip-art is not allowed unless approved by the website administrator
  • Avoid using the terms click here and under construction or using all caps unless it is an acronym
  • Only use underline for hyperlinks
  • Use & in headings and subheads
  • Use serial commas at the end of a series of items (ex: houses, trailers, and boats)
  • Always spell out months in the content area
  • Abbreviate addresses unless in a paragraph
  • Use the % symbol
  • Do not capitalize the word "city" unless it is directly stated in the name (ex: City of Civic City)
  • Spell website as one word
  • Alphabetize all areas of the website