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Parish Justice of Peace Map

The Parish of Caddo is divided into nine Ward Districts. Each Ward District has at least one elected Caddo Parish Justice of Peace, the only exception being Ward 4 which is located within the limits of the City of Shreveport and served by the City Marshall's office. The map below shows the boundary limits for all nine Ward Districts.

Contact Information

Ward Name Phone Number
Ward 1 (Belcher)
Judge Barbara Douget
(318) 629-6168
Ward 2 (Oil City)
Judge Ruth Johnson
(318) 629-6170
Ward 2 (Vivian)
Judge Johnnie R. Hough (318) 470-6632
Ward 3 (Blanchard)
Judge Carl "Pete" Copes
(318) 629-6171
Ward 3 (Mooringsport)
Judge Brian K. Anderson
(318) 629-6172
Ward 4 (Shreveport)
City Marshall Office
(318) 673-6800
Ward 5
Judge Terri McConnell
(318) 629-6173
Ward 6
Judge Glenda E. Britton
(318) 629-6174
Ward 7
Judge Susan Waddell
(318) 629-6175
Ward 8
Judge Grayson S. Boucher
(318) 629-6176
Ward 9
Judge Theresa Jo Norton
(318) 401-4654

Map Features

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